Element Wood Fire Pizza

Food & Drink / Friday, May 29th, 2015

Element PizzaIf I ever do recollective posts, they always seem to be for throwback thursday, so this time I thought I’d change it up and do a flashback friday. This one is from almost two weeks ago, when I was desperately craving pizza (anyone who knows me, this isn’t a surprise). A few of us stopped over at Element Wood Fire Pizza off Broadway in Minneapolis. It’s a tiny, charming, barn wood-style “rustic cabin” as they profess, with a small patio and there are tons of fun things to do in walking distance. As the name suggests, they are an artisan pizzeria that features Nordeast and old-world versions, and since I’m what you might call a food sharer, I pretty much ate everyone’s’ food. They are hidden in a neighborhood area which lends to the ease of parking and as a fun, side note: they do deliver through Bite Squad.

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