Grain Belt Sign

Historical & Museum

I thought I’d pick something for the #mnbucketlist with history. The old Grain Belt sign on Nicollet Island in Minneapolis.  Fun facts: After prohibition, the billboard was erected next to the Hennepin Avenue Bridge around 1940. For years, it flashed the letters in sequence (“G-R-A-I-N B-E-L-T BEER”). This sign still stands today as a local […]

April 30, 2015

Lake Ann Park

Parks & Geology

Next on the #mnbucketlist is a few short miles from my office; Lake Ann Park in Chanhassen. It’s a place where you can walk around the gorgeous and serene lake and lay in the sun without much distraction. Lake Ann is smaller but is just as beautiful as Lake Calhoun or Lake Minnetonka.  Also one […]

April 29, 2015

CLOSED: The School II Bistro & Wine Bar

Food & Drink

One of the most important aspects of being part of a community is that you don’t just celebrate new locality and bask in triumphs, you help others graciously bow out when necessary. One of the very first places I reviewed was The School of the Wise in Victoria, after falling helplessly into a self-induced food […]

April 28, 2015

La Grolla

Food & Drink

I get a lot of questions about the bucket list; what’s next, can I come, where is the best ____ in Minnesota, etc. I’m just going to go ahead and answer one of those right now. La Grolla in St Paul off Selby is the best place to go for fettuccini alfredo, hands down. I […]

April 27, 2015

Minnesota History Center

Historical & Museum

I got to spend the better part of today at the ‪Minnesota History Center‬ exploring their permanent exhibits: ‪Then Now Wow, which houses the ‪‎Grainland‬ ‪exhibit‬ and ‪‎Babe the blue ox‬; ‪‎Weather Permitting‬ an homage to ‪‎Minnesota’s bipolar ‪climate and finally ‪‎Minnesota’s Greatest Generation, on the ‪‎depression‬ and ‪‎war‬ era. I also saw the ‪We […]

April 25, 2015

Wayzata Public Docks

Parks & Geology

If you’ve ever been through downtown Wayzata, right off of Main Street, you’ll notice that there’s a pier onto Lake Minnetonka. The majority of people assume they are the Minnetonka docks, however it’s actually the Wayzata Public Docks. They are at the intersection of Lake Street and Gary Avenue, right in front of the historic […]

April 23, 2015

Droolin’ Moose

Food & Drink

If you are a huge chocolate fan, I can’t recommend the Droolin Moose enough. With a store that is nothing short of lovable, with its wide-open spaces and a tasting bar,… yes, that’s right, a chocolate tasting bar. It’s hard to go wrong. They have locations in Bloomington, Burnsville and St Louis Park. The chocolate […]

April 21, 2015


Music, Retail

If you are a music aficionado like myself and you love shopping local, then you should be out celebrating record store day! RSD15, created for neighborhood music and record stores to give exclusive special events, have performances and video releases. I spent mine at Cheapo Applause in Uptown. Cheapo has locations in Minneapolis, St Paul […]

April 18, 2015

Mississippi Point Park

Parks & Geology

A quick stop on the #mnbucketlist this time, in Champlin is Mississippi Point Park. Near the Doris Kemp Park it’s actually a little bit tough to get to if you don’t know where it is. Once you’re there off to the right is a beautiful little dam. Park near the boat launch just off the Mississippi […]

April 16, 2015

Nick’s Diner

Food & Drink

Have you ever walked into place and immediately thought “Okay, alright I’m gonna move to this town solely to eat here every day because this needs to be my hangout.” Well Nick’s Diner in Cannon Falls is that place for me. With a really fun retro décor, cheap prices and excellent service, it’s hard to […]

April 14, 2015

Al Vento

Food & Drink

If you love classic bruschetta, authentic Italian and just so happen to be in south Minneapolis, you can’t go wrong with Al Ventos. With a patio that has a retractable roof, tons of local brew options and really good pizza, they are an easy choice. I’m partial to the grilled asparagus over burrata, but that’s […]

April 13, 2015

Minnehaha Park / Falls

Parks & Geology

A day late on Jacob Fjelde’s birthday in 1855, here I am, in Minnehaha Park. He is who sculpted Hiawatha and Minnehaha, displayed in the Park. It’s a life-size bronze sculpture that depicts Hiawatha carrying Minnehaha across the creek–characters from the poem “Song of Hiawatha” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. He also did the statue of […]

April 11, 2015

Union Depot

Buildings & Architecture, Historical & Museum

If you’ve been following me for long, you probably already know that I’m a pretty big advocate for the Union Depot in St. Paul. Even more so since it reopened in 2012. It’s also known as the St. Paul Union Depot, a historic railroad station that has the same charm as the original. Every time […]

April 10, 2015

Vivo Kitchen

Food & Drink

People usually get pretty irritated with me over how hard it is to get on my calendar. What can I say? I’m a planner and I like consistency. That being said, even as I’m a few months shy of 30, I still have monthly dinners with my Grandparents. They are planned out over a whole […]

April 9, 2015

Gumball Collective


If you aren’t a frequenter of NE Minneapolis, you likely haven’t heard of the Gumball Collective, but you may have driven past it, noticing the yarn covered trees. Either way, you should stop in. They are a handmade gifts boutique featuring over 60 different artists and also offer classes. You can find them just down […]

April 8, 2015

Insight Brewing Company

Food & Drink

To celebrate National Beer Day, I thought I would celebrate the ending of prohibition by bucket listing the Insight brewing company. I randomly found them way down off Hennepin in Minneapolis. I am totally love in with their space! It’s a great place to hang out and drink furiously to your hearts content. They have […]

April 7, 2015

Edelweiss Bakery

Food & Drink

Ok, how positively charming is this place?! Edelweiss Bakery in Prior Lake off Main Ave is the perfect Saturday morning coffee and donut stop. They are a full service bakery, filled with bread, pastries, donuts, bistro food and artisan coffees. OH and they do wedding cakes too! They are a short walk from the very […]

April 6, 2015