JJ’s Tasty Drive-In

Food & Drink / Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

As soon as I got into Luverne for the Minnesota Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener (#MNGPHO2018), I passed by an old would-be drive-in.
After a few events, and coaxing from friends (I’m looking at you, Greta!), I headed over to JJ’s Tasty Drive-In.
Mom-and-pop establishment, check. Treasured local dive, check. Malts so thick you could eat them with a fork, check. JJ’s hits all the marks of a good, old-fashioned, Minnesota drive-in.

To top it off, JJ’s has an unsuspecting, old Harley perched on the top of the counter.
Whether you are craving a pineapple sundae or a hot fudge malt, onion rings or shoestring French fries, or all the above, find your way to JJ’s. I am a root beer float kind of gal myself but I have become partial to JJ’s marshmallow shake.
Helpful hint: they only take cash so come prepared!

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