Star Trek: Journey To The Stars (Mall of America)

Events / Monday, July 28th, 2014

Journey to the StarsI’m a huge nerd, let me make that clear before I start. I love, love, love the nerdiest, nerd things. And one of those being Star Trek. So, when I heard that that Mall of America was hosting Star Trek the Exhibition, I about lost my mind. Um, exploring the history of the #future, what nerdy girl could resist!? And, it didn’t disappoint! The Journey To The Stars was filled with 40 years of the best television and film ever to grace the silver screen. You aren’t supposed to take pictures and considering that I’m a bit of a rebel, clearly, I took pictures. Loaded with tons of fashion, timelines, clever gadgets and big replica rooms (one looked like a giant light bright). Holla to all my nerds out there, totally check this out. P.S. It’s across the hall from the Barbie Dream House.

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