Blue Door Pub 

Food & Drink / Friday, July 8th, 2016

Because I always stress the importance of spending time with your grandparents, it should come as no surprise that when I chose to cross off somewhere as iconic as the Blue Door Pub from the MNBucketlist, I brought them with.
While I’m a fan of anywhere that serves cheese curds, they gravitate more toward the burgers.
The juicier, the better.
The crowd favorite?
The Blucy – the Blue Door Pub’s version of the Juicy Lucy.
So famous, it gives ample reasoning for the sometimes long wait.
The whole table fell in love with the atmosphere and, with three locations – St Paul, Longfellow and now University, it still lends to the neighborhood joint feel.
Of course, since I stopped by the St. Paul location right off of Selby Avenue, it only made sense to stop at the Mall of St. Paul next-door for some shopping!

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