Lange’s Café

Food & Drink

At the intersection of 75 and 23 is Pipestone, Minnesota. Here you’ll find the Pipestone National Monument, the Historic Calumet Inn, Kelly’s Koffee and Lange’s Café. Kitty corner from Kellys Koffee, which has already made the MNBucketList, Lange’s Cafe is a family recipe heavy, history laden, made-from-scratch local pride favorite. So of course we had […]

November 6, 2015

Kelly’s Koffee and Grill

Food & Drink

Whenever I travel, whether in Minnesota or elsewhere, I always look for travel guides, brochures and local papers. Anything that can give me a taste of life there. Because I was on my way to the Pipestone National Monument, I browsed the paper and came across an ad toting things like “bistro”, “cookies”, “donuts”, “sticky […]

September 6, 2015