Lange’s Café

Langes Cafe

At the intersection of 75 and 23 is Pipestone, Minnesota. Here you’ll find the Pipestone National Monument, the Historic Calumet Inn, Kelly’s Koffee and Lange’s Café. Kitty corner from Kellys Koffee, which has already made the MNBucketList, Lange’s Cafe is a family recipe heavy, history laden, made-from-scratch local pride favorite. So of course we had to try it. As soon as we walked in, I totally fell in love the marquee and the 50’s style dining counter. When we sat down, I immediately told Alyse that I felt like I was at my Grandparents house. And although they are famous for their sour cream raisin pie, they were out when we stopped in. We did however, try a host of other pies. A little about Lange’s. On a plot that has housed restaurants since 1931, Lange’s was introduced in 1955, opening 24 hours, 7 days a week as of 1956. Ever been closed? Four times; once for a fire and for each of the founding family members funerals; Roy, Les and Millie. It has since become a regional crowd meeting place where all kinds of people feel at home and welcome – which makes sense, as its, “where old friends meet,” – as their slogan reads.

Pipestone National Monument

Located in #rural #SW #MN, managed by the Nat’l Park Service, #PipestoneNationalMonument, home of the #pipestone #quarries, is a significant site for many #AmericanIndian cultures. Even today, it’s still considered a #sacredplace. Inside the Visitor Center, you can watch pipes being made as well as purchase one. #GeorgeCatlin’s (who visited in 1836) #famous #painting of the first image of the Pipestone #quarry is also on display. Outside, The Circle Trail, is a paved #walkingtrail that leads to the quarries, #historical markers, Old Stone Face, #WinniwissaFalls, Oracle (I’m in the picture with it, thanks @NurseAlyse!) and the #native tall grass #prairie. You can see the active quarry pits where American Indians continue to quarrying pipestone. Really interested in #Minnesota #History? Huge point of interest is the #NicolletRock. The Joseph Nicollet (recognize the name?) #Expedition, which was the first to map the area, visited the quarries in 1838. Nicollet's group arrived and while encamped, set out to carve their initials on a rock near Winniwissa Falls. The rock #carving is still visible today along the Circle Trail. As you leave the#Monument, you will see the Three Maidens; huge boulders of #granite, an #igneous rock. Historically, there were 79 #petroglyphs on 35 slabs of rock placed around them and seventeen of them are now on display in the Visitor Center. If you are #camping or staying in the area, consider going to these places too! #SplitRockCreekStatePark, #BlueMoundsStatePark and the #JeffersPetroglyphsHistoricSite

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Kelly’s Koffee and Grill

Kelly's Koffee Whenever I travel, whether in Minnesota or elsewhere, I always look for travel guides, brochures and local papers. Anything that can give me a taste of life there. Because I was on my way to the Pipestone National Monument, I browsed the paper and came across an ad toting things like “bistro”, “cookies”, “donuts”, “sticky buns”… Suffice it to say, Kelly’s made the list. Kelly’s Koffee and Grill is right in the heart of Pipestone, by the crossing of Highways 23 and 75, minutes from the monument. It’s open seven days a week, has wifi, with each room decorated like a house, offers drive thru, all kinds of food and is hands-down the best representation of city life in a small town. The very best part? The service. One of the funniest conversations ever had on the bucket list took place with Mary, the pretty #barista who makes a killer blended latte.