Pipestone National Monument

Located in #rural #SW #MN, managed by the Nat’l Park Service, #PipestoneNationalMonument, home of the #pipestone #quarries, is a significant site for many #AmericanIndian cultures. Even today, it’s still considered a #sacredplace. Inside the Visitor Center, you can watch pipes being made as well as purchase one. #GeorgeCatlin’s (who visited in 1836) #famous #painting of the first image of the Pipestone #quarry is also on display. Outside, The Circle Trail, is a paved #walkingtrail that leads to the quarries, #historical markers, Old Stone Face, #WinniwissaFalls, Oracle (I’m in the picture with it, thanks @NurseAlyse!) and the #native tall grass #prairie. You can see the active quarry pits where American Indians continue to quarrying pipestone. Really interested in #Minnesota #History? Huge point of interest is the #NicolletRock. The Joseph Nicollet (recognize the name?) #Expedition, which was the first to map the area, visited the quarries in 1838. Nicollet's group arrived and while encamped, set out to carve their initials on a rock near Winniwissa Falls. The rock #carving is still visible today along the Circle Trail. As you leave the#Monument, you will see the Three Maidens; huge boulders of #granite, an #igneous rock. Historically, there were 79 #petroglyphs on 35 slabs of rock placed around them and seventeen of them are now on display in the Visitor Center. If you are #camping or staying in the area, consider going to these places too! #SplitRockCreekStatePark, #BlueMoundsStatePark and the #JeffersPetroglyphsHistoricSite

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