CLOSED: Ward 6

Food & Drink / Monday, May 28th, 2018

Ward 6 Food & Drink off Payne Avenue in St. Paul opened in December 2012. Unfortunately, it is set to close on June 3rd. Named for its location, residing in the sixth of the capital city’s seven political districts, Ward 6 sits in a 128-year-old building once served as a taproom for the nearby Hamm’s brewery. Tucked behind the Capital and built by Magnus Lindgren around 1885, this space was formerly a Hamm’s “tied house.” Lindgren owned and operated a saloon here until he was bought out by the Hamm’s Brewery in 1903. It has since grown to become a beloved tavern all while keeping the original, restored and mahogany bar. If you get time before June 3rd, head over to Ward 6 to savor the last moments of this legendary place.

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