Lion’s Tavern

Food & Drink / Sunday, February 26th, 2017

Whenever I plan to be in Stillwater, I make sure to meet with with my friends, Emily and Mike. Em is the best Stillwaterian (no, not a real word, but it works) tour guide, knowing all the best places to try to get the full experience. On this particular trip, she suggested Lion’s Tavern, located in the historic Grand Garage building on Main Street near Teddy Bear Park. The patio opens to the “Lion’s Main” moniker, ushering you into the dim lit, relaxed lounge area of the Tavern. What started as Lion’s Main Bites & Libations in 2015, owned by the people that brought you Stillwater’s popular ice cream shop, Nelson’s. Described as ‘laid-back sophistication’, the Tavern is lively and upbeat with games of shuffleboard and live acoustic music. It has become a go-to gathering place. It’s a great place to come for classic cocktails and inventive concoctions. Or a Lift Bridge, Farmgirl, whatever. They also feature an extensive chef-driven menu so you can expect a great presentation. Sophistication aside, I say go for the garlic parsley fries, you won’t be sorry!

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