New London Cafe 

Food & Drink / Sunday, January 29th, 2017

Sitting quietly in Duluth’s Lakeside neighborhood is the New London Cafe. A little gem you wouldn’t know about unless someone you know tells you about it, it’s owned by Carl Ehlenz, the owner of Betty’s Pies, up the road in Two Harbors. Yes, that means you can totally get a slice of Betty’s for breakfast – right in Duluth! I have been all over the place, and I will say that this place is worth the drive from the metro. A breakfast-at-your-Grandma’s-house kind of place with a cozy, homey atmosphere and warm, friendly staff. They have two of my favorite things: breakfast that doesn’t break the bank and local ties on the menu. With names like Gitchee Gummee Belgian Waffle Platter, Seven Bridges Omelets, Greysolon Egg Combos, the Hawk Ridge Fritter French Toast Platter and Alakef Coffee, you have my vote. French toast, and cinnamon rolls… can’t. even. The darling of Superior Street also has their coffee mugs and hot teas for sale so you can feel all

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