ChuckWagon Charlie’s Smokehouse and Saloon

Food & Drink / Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

More often than not, when I go in search of food, I look for comfort and generous portions. Well, Chuckwagon Charlie’s  fits the bill on both accounts. While they are really known for their meats, fish and seafood (they even have BBQ and Pig Roast available for catering), I actually went for the corn on the cob and the mac and cheese, both of which were totally amazing. It’s a bar, so you get a heavy beer selection but you also get really great homey food, too. Win-win. It’s an easy place to just grab a seat and stay for a game or even a beer flight, if you’re in the mood. Oh yeah! see those little ninjas? They are their mascots. I even got to play with them, so be jealous.

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