You’re Invited! Community Coffee

Events / Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

What is Community? What does it mean to you? 

These are questions we have all asked ourselves in our own collective pursuits. When we look to bridge gaps, end forms of oppression and different kinds of conflict, and to go further, when we decide who to vote for, where to volunteer our time, how we choose our educational paths or where we anchor our roots.

Community Coffee is an on-going series of informal get-togethers, hosted at local coffee shops where you can come bucket list as well as get involved in the community. A collaboration between a Community Organizer and the MNBucketList.

While the idea stemmed from the upcoming 2016 Community Development Society Joint International Conference that will be here in Minnesota on July 23-27, it has become more evident that this conversation needs to continue and should encompass and encourage all members of the community to connect.

Community Coffee is a way for us to come together and collectively talk. Meet like-minded individuals; go beyond the classroom, the cubicle, your own front yard. Share and identify opportunities for engagement. Move past base-level interactions and be groundbreaking together. Let’s start a conversation that utilizes both academia and action.

Come as you are, whether that be a student, a leader, a peace keeper, a do-gooder, a volunteer, a helper or a listener. Bring your passions, crusades, questions, answers and openness. A safe platform to generate ideas and ask for involvement, this is for anyone who wants to explore the concept, creation and current state of their own communities.

What does it mean to be an active participant? Join the conversation.

7/21 at Triple C Coffee Cart (Brian Coyle Center/Cedar Riverside) and you can RSVP on Facebook! 

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