Food & Drink / Friday, May 19th, 2017

The next stop of my #MNGFO2017 adventure was Anton’s. A family-owned steakhouse in Waite Park that is a cross between a riverfront log cabin and a full service speakeasy. Which totally makes sense given that it is right off Sauk River and was an actual speakeasy during Prohibition.

Built in the 1920’s by Cy Brick, “Bricky’s” as it was then called, became famous for their patrons, the  “Minnesota 13” bootleggers. Let me just pause and say, if you don’t know the Stearns County area history, you may be unfamiliar with the infamous Minnesota 13, the corn liquor moonshine distilled on many central Minnesota Stearns County farms. Do yourself a favor, read about it. Absolutely worth looking into. While ownership changed, it wasn’t until 1973 when Anton (Tony) Gaetz and his wife Lorraine took over and it gained its current moniker. 

Known for their colossal popovers which are served with their honey-butter, they are also beloved for their seafood and award-winning barbeque ribs. Not to mention the huge Scotch selection. Kitschy, time-stamped decor, homey fireplaces, booths resembling covered wagons, rustic up-north views covered with grass, baby ducks and fluffy geese… The whole place is worth stopping in.

Pictured: Chicken Almond Stuffed Popover Salad and the Raspberry Salad

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