K-Bob Cafe

Food & Drink / Friday, June 10th, 2016

Getting into town, after checking into the hotel, the only place I want to go for lunch is K-Bob Cafe. Why, might you ask, well let me tell you. It’s a community staple and it’s been around forever. You know, if forever equates to 50 years, give or take. Previously known as the K-Bob Soda Grill, they bought the Sanborn’s Cafe next door and increased it’s capacity and now has a banquet room where the Princeton Lions Club and Rotary Club meet. The definition of a Ma and Pa pocket-diner. It is like hanging out at you rGrandma’s house. The strawberry pie alone is worth the trip. They are only open from 5am-2pm so you have to get there early. What’s you favorite pocket-style diner?

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