2nd Hand Decorating and Design

The very first place I went after I got to the Minnesota Governor’s Fishing Opener was 2nd Hand Decorating and Design. I saw it on the side of the road as I set out looking for a bakery or a candy store.. Let’s face it, most of the travels are guided by my pursuit of these two things. You won’t find this place online though, like a fair amount of my other favorite spots. 2nd Hand is owned by Connie Huspek who, by the way, is incredibly helpful. She is the one who told me I HAD to check out Molly’s Mess (previous post) and the McGregor Baking Co (previous post), whom 2nd Hand used to be located next to. Connie’s also very sweet, if you look closely, you can see her greeting me at the door! They offer vintage, handmade and one-of-a-kind ‘stuff’; up north meets new charm when it comes to all the refurbished items she carries. Because they are just getting set up from a recent move, are slowly filling their walls with furnishing, fixtures, accessories and decor. All great things to decorate the cabin! If you’re coming through, tell Connie I sent you.

#MNGFO2016 #OnlyinMN #MNBucketList 


2 thoughts on “2nd Hand Decorating and Design

  1. Jessica thank you so much for visiting 2nd Hand Decorating & Design it was such an honor to meet you. I am very appreciative of the post and pictures thanks again! Connie


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