Fannie Rose Candy Shop

Food & Drink / Monday, February 15th, 2016

Since this week started off full of saccharin, sucralose and all other kinds of sweetness, I thought that I would continue it with the next #mnbucketlist-er. Fannie Rose Candy Shop is off East Superior Street in downtown Duluth. Built in 1907, the top floors of the historic building were part of the Grant Hotel, complete with 33 rooms. The bottom, where Fannie’s store front is located, was a host of local shops, but originally Fannie Meyer Rose’s hat shop; the current owners (who opened in 2012) decided to pay homage to the turn-of-the-century shop by keeping the name. Another was/is Coney Island, the local favorite hot dog joint that still resides next door. The former cap boutique is now lined with rows of bulk bins of nostalgic, penny and novelty candy, salt water taffy and homemade chocolate truffles. Oh, and Fannie’s crowd favorite is their gourmet popcorn. Before I went, that’s what people told me to get, and I did – but that’s not all…

Stop reading if you have a low tolerance for “icky” things.

They have an entire section of edible insects. Nope, not kidding, bugs. Scorpion suckers, cheddar cheese and BBQ Larvets, sour cream and onion Crick-ettes, ant wafers, you name it-a whole section. No, I didn’t eat them. Yes, I made my friends eat them while I took pictures. I am THAT friend.

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