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Food & Drink / Friday, January 8th, 2016

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This past weekend a bunch of us stopped for breakfast at the Oasis Café in Stillwater before our hike to the Soo Line High Bridge, also known as the Arcola High Bridge. Opened in 1957, the Oasis Café is located in an enclave just outside of historic Main Street Stillwater. Like a page out of Pleasantville, you’re immediately greeted and asked what your favorite cartoon character is, a good segue into conversation while you wait. Fun staff, a small town feel, the 50’s Belmont blue diner style and a Hangover Breakfast Sandwich that I fell head over heels for, this place is my favorite stop of 2016 so far. Fun fact: it is also said to be where a scene from Beautiful Girls (1996, with Matt Dillon and Lauren Holly) was filmed. You may have actually heard of this roadside wonder before and not remember; about a year ago, the Oasis Café came under a great deal of scrutiny because they included a minimum wage tax. Once those on Yelp caught wind, they were immediately raked through the coal. BUT they survived and to poke fun at the situation, as you’ll see in the picture, they now have a Packer Fan Tax.

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