Niagara Cave

Since @nursealyse and I spent most of yesterday #underground (and later driving across the state), I wasn’t able to post about crossing the #NiagaraCave (the one in Harmony) off the #mnbucketlist. It’s one of the "Top Ten" rated #caves in the #UnitedStates and is only a mile from the #Minnesota-#Iowa border in #southernMinnesota’s #BluffCountry. It was discovered in 1924 by a pig farmer and has since become a family owned and operated #tourist attraction. It features #stalactites, #stalagmites, #calcite flowstone (this #geology-obsessed girls dream), fossils, gem mining, a 60 ft. underground #waterfall, an underground stream you can walk over, a #subterranean #weddingchapel and even #minigolfing outside. It was unbelievable. Imagine walking through the narrow passageways of the #GrandCanyon, stopping to see things like the #Elephant’s Head, the #alligator, even a #wishingwell and #PaulBunyan’s bed. My favorite part? The #echo chamber – where you can pound on your upper torso and actually hear the hollow of your chest cavity. If it’s not on your #bucketlist yet, it should be.

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