Dave’s Popcorn

Food & Drink / Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Dave's PopcornUp next on the #mnbucketlist has been a fixture in south Minneapolis since 1957. A drive-in, tiny, little shop off 38th, Dave’s Popcorn, one of the last of its kind has become a bit of a local landmark. Although its changed addresses and owners, the popcorn flavors have stayed the same. The herb, my personal favorite, is a staple in the menu. A menu that includes seven flavors of gourmet popcorn, nine for ice cream and cans of pop (remember, we’re in Minnesota, it’s called ‘Pop” here), they keep it pretty old school. You might remember the old location off Cedar, with the Hamm’s beer marquee. The craziest part? It actually just went up for sale. Current asking price? $95,000.

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