Uptown Tavern

Uptown Tavern and RooftopIn the thick of Uptown is the oh-so conveniently named, Uptown Tavern. I was on a family date, if you’ve followed long, you know I have dates to try new places every month – it gives me a break from the craziness of life and gives me a monthly chance to connect and stay close with them, I suggest you try it. Back to the Rooftop. I have to say, I loved how open and inviting the space is. It’s no surprise that they host larger events and draw big crowds. They are also a propagator of tons of local and craft beers, even adding Surly Beer Battered Cheese Curds to their menu. I was a fan of their artichoke with red pepper pesto dip and everyone else was a fan of all the different kinds of burgers they could get. Less than stellar service but the tone, space and food made up for it. Ever been?



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