Swing Dancing at the Wabasha Street Caves (Pt. 2)

Last night was #SwingNight at the #WabashaStreetCaves. A bit on the location (I’ll post about it specifically tomorrow): the #Caves themselves are manmade and located on the south shore of the #Mississippi #River in #downtown #SaintPaul. They have been home to #mobsters, #speakeasies, a #restaurant, a #disco club and most recently, an event hall. A while back they started hosting a "Swing Night" on Thursday nights with live #bigband #music. They also include a #dancelesson by #ArthurMurrayDanceStudios. It was #amazing and overflowing with fun, #excitement, people and #merriment. With music by The #MinnesotaJazzOrchestra and photos by the incredibly talented (and very, very sweet) @rebeccazenefski, it's easy how it would end up on the #MNBucketList. A big thanks to Rebecca and @jameslynnstyle being my dates! Dancers you’ll see: @r.0gers12 @resaroby @emily.lin94 @shesheshelby @ellnell95 @janenelson8 @therealguggly @zsheld @htown_dsheld @josiebrott @margueritegallagher Let me know who I missed! If you want to see more or get your photos, email Rebecca@byRebeccaStudios.com! Thank you all for such a fun night!! #💃🏼

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