Pantage Theatre

Buildings & Architecture / Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

PantagesArchitecture has been a little absent on the #mnbucketlist lately so that’s where we’ll go today. The Pantages Theatre, named for the Greek immigrant and impresario, Alexander Pantages, whom once had a collection of theatres including a Vaudeville house (you can actually still see some of the old painted signs between the parking garages and First Ave). The Pantages Theatre opened in 1916 and has had everything from singers to comedians to banjo players cross its stage. Styled in an art modern beaux fashion, it ran consistently from 1916 through 1965 and only saw sporadic openings through the 1980s. It remained closed through 1997 when the Hennepin Theatre Trust initiated an effort to restore the iconic playhouse / drama house . It re-opened in 2002 and hosts a range of musical theatre productions, some of which have been in previous bucketlist posts. If you want to delve much deeper into Pantages architectural history, I strongly suggest taking a tour.

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