Amity Coffee

Amity Coffee, in Duluth’s Lakeside Neighborhood, is the next stop on our demitasse pursuit. It’s close to the Lake Superior lakewalk and is a nice, easy-going, comfort-on-all-levels kind of place with an Uptown vibe, complete with tables as artfully designed as their drinks. Owned by Adam Swank and Patti Chuang, who thought long and hard on what to call it and finally decided on “Amity”, meaning “harmonious friendship and peace”, which fits the vibe quite nicely, in my opinion. They run on community and neighborhood involvement so it should be no surprise that they keep it local. Amity serves Duluth Coffee Company coffee and get ingredients from the Duluth Farmer’s Market. I stopped in with a few friends, so we tried the Americano and Cold Press…and I refuse to share my Latte or the awesome ‘NORTH’ shirt pictured.



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