Winter of Love Festival (Harrison Neighborhood Association)

Events / Saturday, February 21st, 2015

Winter Art FestivalMy throwback for today is to this past weekend at the Harrison Neighborhood Associations’ Winter of Love festival (same weekend as the 50th anniversary of Malcom X’s death). It was hosted at the Harrison Park Community Center. True to festival’s title, there was so much love! All of the hosts and attendees made me feel so welcomed. Neighborhood artists displayed their work (some of which are above), shared a community meal, had conversations and local organizations had tables where you could get to know more about them (including Venture North). More than anything, I got to see how cohesive and supportive this neighborhood is. The commitment of the volunteers and their amount of outreach was incredible. As I further my involvement with groups like these, be prepared to see a lot more posts like this one.

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