Bob Mould / Fury Things (First Ave)

Concerts & Venues, Music / Saturday, January 31st, 2015

Fury ThingsLast nights bucket lister was seeing the Fury Things and Bob Mould at First Avenue. Fury Things is local alternative band that’s made up of three men and their beards. Really though, they were great!

Bob Mould…and now onto the headliner, #Bob Mould. An alternative music pioneer whose been on the scene for almost four decades. He’s touring off of his latest album Beauty & Ruin. You may know him by some of the other groups he’s been in like, Sugar and Husker Du or have heard his song, ‘Dog On Fire’ because it’s the theme song for the Daily Show on Comedy Central. Even though he’s solo right now, he should almost tour as a super group since his bassist has a striking resemblance to Rob Thomas from Matchbox Twenty.

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