Pizzeria Lola

Food & Drink / Monday, January 12th, 2015

Pizzeria Lola Since it’s gotten a lot of really cute press lately, I thought Pizzeria Lola would be a great next stop on the bucket list. It’s a little place off Xerxes in Minneapolis with a personality all its own. About the press, Lola has been on the Food Network, it’s a favorite of Guy Fieri, and more importantly, has a photo booth that was recently used by a wife to announce to her husband that they were expecting. If you haven’t seen it, go look for it. Its delightful. You can get your own photos taken and end up on their infamous wall (pictured above). Back to the food. If you love wood-fire pizza and chocolate chip cookies, then this is your place. Since I was with meat eaters, you can see a lot of options. You can see the My Shar-oni, The Xerxes, The Sweet Italian and mine, Old Reliable, go figure. They also have great local beers and a DIY Ice Cream sandwich that’s pretty amazing.

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