Graffiti Graveyard

Graffiti GraveyardJust let me preface this by saying I’m a jerk. And before you disagree (or start agreeing – um, hush), allow me to clarify. Here is what leads me to this conclusion; 1. I have sisters. 2. I am the oldest of them. 3. I am over-protective (but funny, dangerous combination, I know) and 4. They are all very pretty. So, when my sister Amber, brought her new boyfriend to Duluth (really, meeting us for the first real time, and turns out, he was one of my best friends in middle school!), it only seemed like a ‘Jessica’ thing to do to bully him into breaking the law to help me with my bucket list. I was looking for the infamous Graffiti Graveyard in Duluth that is under Hwy 35 somewhere. Well, we found it. You (I made Brandon, her boyfriend, do this) have to cross railroad tracks, go under a #bridge, follow along under the highway, round a sharp right, crawl over a fence – just past the ‘NO TRESSPASSING’ sign, shimmy (yes, shimmy on your stomach and army crawl) under a concrete ledge, then walk and cross over a canal. Then you’re there. Easy enough. Um, holy. If you love street art, it’s a must.



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