Riverside Park & the St Cloud Dam

Parks & Geology / Friday, September 12th, 2014

Riverside Park This one is perfect for the bucket list today since it’s on the way up to #Whispering Pines Resort. Sadly, the last weekend up there for the year. Riverside Park and the St Cloud Dam. Located on the Mississippi River, walking distance from the Munsinger Gardens and the Clemens Gardens, just across from the SCSU Stadium. It also connects Stearns County to Sherburne County.

Riverside Park has a shelter, cross country ski trails, disc golf, fishing, picnic, playground, splash pad, tennis and volleyball courts. The Dam is much more interesting, in my nerdy opinion. It was retrofitted to produce hydroelectric power, and is used by various hydrology classes to demonstrate hydrodynamic properties and to show how power is converted into electricity. It produces 8.5 megawatts and is the largest city-owned hydroelectric facility in the state.

P.S. Those are called Dragons Teeth at the bottom of the dam.

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