Edelweiss Bakery

Edelweiss BakeryOk, how positively charming is this place?! Edelweiss Bakery in Prior Lake off Main Ave is the perfect Saturday morning coffee and donut stop. They are a full service bakery, filled with bread, pastries, donuts, bistro food and artisan coffees. OH and they do wedding cakes too! They are a short walk from the very beautiful Lake Front Park and you can wander old Main! Have you ever driven by?

The Buffet (Mystic Lake Casino)

Grand CasinoMystic Lake Casino Part two: The Food (The Buffet, specifically)
Pretty amazing food for a buffet. The line is usually long but totally worth the wait for the service and the dessert bar – and really, why else would you go to a buffet?! Other places to eat at Mystic; The Meadows Bar and Grille, Mystic Steakhouse, Minnehaha Café, Mystic Deli, Gamblers Grille, Fusion Noodle Bar, Drinx Bar, the Lobby Lounge and the Promenade Bar. Any favorites?

Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community (Mystic Lake Casino)

Mystic Lake HistoryMystic Lake Casino Part three: It’s History
The Casino is operated by the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community (SMSC), who are a tribe in the southwest of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul and although the focus is on betting and wagering everywhere else – in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the casino, sits a room filled with the history of the SMSC including artifacts and mapped stories. It’s small, but its endearing and really, you should make an effort, no matter where you go, to understand how a place came to be and if possible, the relics of the people who were and are part of it.

Mystic Lake Casino

Mystic Lake CasinoMystic Lake Casino. Where to start. Well, I will say, if you’ve ever been to Vegas – its like that, but cleaner and less crowds. It weird for me to even talk about a casino though. I don’t gamble and I’m what you might call a ‘cooler’. If are unaware of this term, basically, I’m a walking luck ruiner. There is no point in having me tag along unless you feel like throwing a bunch of money in the air and not expecting to catch it. Seriously. Aside from the gambling, the place is pretty amazing, artistically and sustenance speaking. I’ll break this into three posts. This one being the architecture. Its design heavy but the colors are extraordinary. You’d be hard pressed to find another spot in Minnesota that looks anything like this. Especially with 150k feet of gambling area, and a huge golf course. Have you ever been? Fan, not a fan?