Mystic Lake Casino

Casino / Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Mystic Lake CasinoMystic Lake Casino. Where to start. Well, I will say, if you’ve ever been to Vegas – its like that, but cleaner and less crowds. It weird for me to even talk about a casino though. I don’t gamble and I’m what you might call a ‘cooler’. If are unaware of this term, basically, I’m a walking luck ruiner. There is no point in having me tag along unless you feel like throwing a bunch of money in the air and not expecting to catch it. Seriously. Aside from the gambling, the place is pretty amazing, artistically and sustenance speaking. I’ll break this into three posts. This one being the architecture. Its design heavy but the colors are extraordinary. You’d be hard pressed to find another spot in Minnesota that looks anything like this. Especially with 150k feet of gambling area, and a huge golf course. Have you ever been? Fan, not a fan?

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