Chop n Pops Bakery

I am in Nevis this weekend so I thought I’d share the highlight of my morning. Chop n Pops Bakery opened in 2015 and is run by a father and son duo. Named for Chop, whose real name is Chris, and Pop, whose real name is Rodney. That’s Chop holding the bread. When you stop in, he’ll most likely be there, say hi! He’s super nice. Full of donuts, buns, cookies, coffee and even freeze dried fruits and vegetables, too, like peas, corn, strawberries and peaches. Not gonna lie, I just go for the sweets. They are only open til noon, so I plan my day around stopping in. Fun fact: They also have something called the Nevis Nut Roll, and as someone whose spent a good chunk of their life here… Ahem, it’s like a regular iced roll, but full of nuts. 🙂

West Crooked Lake

Whispering Pines ResortThere is something inexpressibly beautiful about the world when the sun begins to rise and fill the foggy sky with soft rays of light, while everyone else is curled up in their beds unaware of the magnificence they’re missing and everything feels so simple. It’s as if 6am is an epiphany and you are encompassed entirely by a feeling of clarity. There is something inexpressibly beautiful about being awake to see this while the rest of the world is asleep.

Muskie Water’s Co.

Muskie WatersMuskie Waters‬ (which is relatively new) in ‪‎Nevis‬ (way up north near‪ Park Rapids‬, remember the big ‪‎Tiger Muskie‬?) is a fun, summer‬, one stop shop. Its kitty corner from ‪‎Lake‬ Belle Taine‬. Whether you’re up‪ ‎camping‬, fishing‬, ‪‎boating‬, biking the Heartland Trail‬, it’s a good place to catch your breath. It’s a ‪‎coffee‬ and ‪‎espresso‬ cafe, candy store‬, apparel boutique‬ and ‪‎ice cream‬ shop. AND its really delightful on the outside. If you’re coming through town, I definitely recommend stopping by. ‪#‎mnbucketlist‬


NevisBecause the town is so small (fewer than 400 people), I thought I would make it a one-stop shop on the #mnbucketlist. Plus I’m SUPER bias over this one… This is Nevis, MN. It’s in Hubbard County, near Park Rapids and is part of northern Minnesota’s Heartland Trail. It’s definitely a ‘cabin upnorth’ kind of town, with it being home to lots of camping and resorts. Fun fact: it is home to the world’s largest tiger Muskie – a 30-ft sculpture, right in the middle of town. It’s off Hwy 34 and is less than one square#mile but has some of the best lakes in Minnesota; Lake Belle Taine (most known) and the Crow Wing chain (West Crooked being my bias favorite). They also have Muskie Waters; an ice cream and coffee shop, a municipal liquor store (The Munie), where you can play pull tabs, listen to live music or read a book. Also there is Steve and Jill’s Steak and Pizza (now Leona’s) along with The Iron Horse Bar and Grill. Last, but not least is the creepiest daycare you will ever see in your entire life, Cookies. Seriously, the place looks like a ginger bread house, and if you ever read that book, it doesn’t end well. Complete with #Muskie Days and Pig Races, I mean, what more can you ask for?