Stickwork “Lean On Me” at CSB / JSU

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This #mnbucketlist-er is no longer standing, as of today. The woven willow and ironwood lays in ash as the all-natural structure slowly decayed over the three and a half years it stood – a whole year more than expected, drying so well that the flames lasted only fifteen minutes. Because the Stickwork sculpture “Lean on Me” at the St Johns University Arboretum was such a tourist attraction, Explore Minnesota included it in its state wide scavenger hunt as one of twelve check points. Stella Maris Chapel, located on the grounds, served as North Carolina artist Patrick Dougherty’s inspiration and with the help of 300 volunteers, the structure (made of saplings harvested and collected from St. John’s Abbey Arboretum) was completed in September of 2012. The edifice that used to reside just along Stearns County Road 159 just outside of campus is now an open prairie.

St. John’s Abbey

#StJohnsAbbey and #University #Church is located in #Collegeville just NW of #StCloud. Designed by Marcel Breuer, the #Abbey contains the Bell Manner, the #Baptistery, the #worship space, the north window, the #Blessed #Sacrament #Chapel, the chapter house, the lower Church, and the #Marian Chapel. As of late it has become quite a magnet to photographers, both #professional and #amateur alike, across #Minnesota as the entire north wall of the Church is comprised of 430 concrete #hexagons that contains the #stainedglasswindow that was designed by Bronislaw Bak. At the time of its completion it was the largest #stainedglass window in the #UnitedStates. While it's off the beaten path for many #TwinCities residents, it is more than worth seeing. As part of the College of #SaintBenedict and #StJohnsUniversity, this #community operates as more than just a place to worship. It also includes Saint John's School of #Theology, Saint John's Preparatory School, Trinity #Benedictine Monastery, #SaintBenedicts Monastery, Order of Saint Benedict, #Diocese of Saint Cloud and The #Vatican, to name a few. I have close family ties, that's what made me add it to my #mnbucketlist and you don't need to be #Catholic to feel the immensity of this place.

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