#MNBucketList Presents: Bringing The Past To Life: A Century of Jay Cooke State Park

I’ve posted a few of the photos from #MNBucketList_JCSP over the past ten days but I wanted to tell you a little more about it. Since #JayCooke was founded #October 18th, 1915, yep, that makes it 100 – I hosted a day at the park complete with #yesteryear photos to do ‘#DearPhotograph‘ with. Here is a little #history for you about one of the ten most visited and seventh largest #stateparks in #Minnesota. Minnesota was a #furtrade free-for-all from about the 1500’s until the 1800’s. The area was bustling and thriving, specifically in Jay Cooke as it was the #StLouisRiver #traderoute. Years of #French traders and #Indian relations prevailed until westward expansion and the push for #ManifestDestiny drove the Indians out. After years of French and #British disputes over trapping rights, the fur trade eventually morphed and slowed to only a few smaller settlements. Once the #railroad reached #northernMinnesota, it turned the #wilderness into larger, more agriculturally focused area. Throughout #JayCookeStatePark you’ll see the St. Louis River, #LakeSuperior’s largest U.S. tributary, and its exposed #bedrock. The park is named for #Pennsylvania financier Jay Cooke, who had developed a nearby power plant, as well as made a lot of #money with the #NorthernPacificRailway. In 2012, #Duluth area experienced a devastating #flooding that filled the gorge with debris and destroyed the #historic Swinging #Bridge that crosses the River. It was reopened in 2013 and visitors can walk across to see the incredible #waterfalls.

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YOU’RE INVITED! Bringing the Past to Life

Jay-Cooke-Banner#MNBucketList Presents: Bringing The Past To Life: A Century of Jay Cooke State Park
November 14th, 2015. 11am-3pm
Jay Cooke State Park, Carlton, MN 

(Breakfast at Trapper Pete’s from 9:30am-10:45am if you would like to join the group early)

Jay Cooke State Park is turning 100 (founded October 18th, 1915)  and to celebrate, I am hosting a day at the park complete with yesteryear photos to do ‘Dear Photograph‘ with. There are places to hike, relax, take pictures, see the amazing swing bridge…

Some Minnesota history for you about Jay Cooke State Park here. 

This is an open event, bring as many people as you would like! Don’t worry about not knowing anyone, or having people there you can hide behind, you have me. So email, message or comment and I’ll find you there.

Meet at the swing bridge at 11am.

P.S. I will be in Duluth the whole weekend so come, spend some time – maybe come to a few bucket list places with me! 

Want to RSVP? Click here. 

Find more info on the event page.

Jay Cooke State Park

Jay Cooke State Park The Jay Cooke State Park is located about 10 miles southwest of Duluth, with the St Louis River running through it. It is loaded with 50 miles of hiking trails, tons of overlooks to the rocky gorges and waterfalls. The park was originally named after Jay Cooke, who was a major financier of the Northern Pacific Railway. Fun fact: the Willard Munger State Trail runs through the entire park. Definitely Minnesota’s most beautiful state park.