Cannon River Winery

Food & Drink

Cannon River Winery‬ in ‪Cannon‬ ‪Falls‬ is this ‪beautiful‬ little establishment filled with soft touches and ‪sweet‬ details. The staff is so genuine they will work with you on anything, so of course it would end up on the ‪#‎mnbucketlist‬. It used to be a ‪garage‬ and still have the original‪ door‬ (see above) but […]

June 16, 2015

Cannon Falls Veterans Memorial

Parks & Geology

The next stop on the #mnbucketlist was filled with too much dissection to be posted yesterday so you’re getting it today. The Cannon Falls Veterans Memorial is a wide open space that is part of Two Rivers Park and sits where Little Cannon River spills into Cannon River. It actually has a bit of a […]

May 26, 2015

Nick’s Diner

Food & Drink

Have you ever walked into place and immediately thought “Okay, alright I’m gonna move to this town solely to eat here every day because this needs to be my hangout.” Well Nick’s Diner in Cannon Falls is that place for me. With a really fun retro décor, cheap prices and excellent service, it’s hard to […]

April 14, 2015