Vivo Kitchen

Vivo KitchenPhoto Apr 08, 6 17 54 PMPeople usually get pretty irritated with me over how hard it is to get on my calendar. What can I say? I’m a planner and I like consistency. That being said, even as I’m a few months shy of 30, I still have monthly dinners with my Grandparents. They are planned out over a whole year at a time so I never forget. This bucket lister, Vivo Kitchen, was last night, with them. It’s in a new area of development in Apple Valley and the space is stunning. Such a homey feel with great service. The kind of place you can host a brunch or talk all night (which we usually do). My favorite appetizers are the Italian Broccoli and Butternut squash bruschetta BUT I can’t recommend the strawberry rhubarb cobbler enough. P.S. Say hello to my Grandpa – very, very proudly displaying his pizza. J

Wild Bill’s

Wild BillsToday’s stop on the #MNbucketlist is Wild Bills, which I can only describe as rustic Texas bar and grill. Think over the top; its website ‘moos’, seriously. Wild Bill’s is a Midwest chain with five locations in Minnesota with others in North Dakota and Wisconsin. They have a ton of options for carnivores, not as much for vegheads. They also have a selection of craft beer and limitless troughs of ballpark peanuts you can snack on and then shuck the shells on the floor (not my thing, my OCD was running amuck in this place). Frankly, there’s not a lot to write home about. The service decent and the food was ok, not great. It was still worth a trip, and especially worthwhile for me, as I went with my littlest bucketlister (who is my cousin). Seriously, how adorable is she?!

Yogurt Lab

Yogurt LabsIf you haven’t noticed the surge in frozen yogurt shops, you are A. Not on the ball or B. Not sugar frenzied. My favorite is the Yogurt Lab. They are all over the place but I like the one off Lake Street in Wayzata, across from CoV on Lake Minnetonka. With crazy flavors that are (in my humble opinion) better than ice cream and a really great design, its worth stopping in – even in the dead of winter! (As I was told very recently, ice cream is better in the winter because it doesn’t melt!)