Untainted Inc.

I have to tell you about this place I just found! I have completely fallen in love with Untainted Inc., a luxury boutique that specializes in all-natural and organic skin care and luxury spa products. The little shop is hidden in a historic building off Water Street in Excelsior and is filled with dozens of apothecary jars with different essential oil bath salts on wooden cable drums and barn wood tables topped with body soaps, candles and lotion bars. I loved everything they had in grapefruit and eucalyptus. The best part? Everything is made locally, right in the shop where you can watch each of their products being made. If you want to see them pouring candles or lip balms, whipping a batch of moisturizer, or lining up fresh soaps on the curing trays, you can look right into The Studio. Owned by a husband and wife duo who opened their doors in August 2016, they welcome anyone for a tour. When you go, talk to Therese. She is extraordinarily helpful and she loves questions, no matter the ailment. I am so glad I stumbled on them and can’t wait to go back!



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