Emerald Isle Antiques and Gifts

If you find yourself in Anoka, head over to the Georgian Revival style designed Historic Old Post Office Building off East Main Street. Designed by prolific architect James Knox Taylor, the beautiful entrance will have you wanting to wander the halls. Once there, make your way upstairs to Emerald Isle Antiques and Gifts. The building is a survivor of history and the Emerald Isle is an extension of that rescue, full of local history and sits as an homage to local antiquity. Often, antique stores overflow with bric-a-brac and useless knickknacks but Emerald, not so much. It’s a place where you can find old Minnesota license plates, vintage tap handles, hard to find Hamm’s Bear signs, a variety of old cameras and beer cans from local breweries of the past and some of Minnesota’s relic newspapers and magazines from the turn of the century. The staff is really helpful, too, and the place is littered with the owners’ Irish heritage.


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