Crabby Ol’ Bill’s

Food & Drink / Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

Alright, it’s October. Which means it’s safe to talk Autumn without gripe. Knowing that, you can expect to see lots of Fall-inspired activities and food.  That being said, I give you one of my favorite fall places, Duluth. Specifically, Crabby Ol’ Bill’s in Canal Park just off the Lakewalk, a stone throw from Lake Superior. Sitting with a prime location for more that two decades, the place is more than worth a visit. I come to the restored fishing boat for Apple Cider and Mini-Donuts. The location isn’t always a gem, though. Being off of Superior has worn on the poor vessel and the Smith’s, who have owned Bills for five years, know that it needs some work. They have even started a  Go Fund Me Page in hopes of raising enough money for repairs so Crabby’s can survive many more Autumns. Have you stopped by?

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