Sparrow Cafe

Food & Drink / Thursday, September 29th, 2016

Even though the air has a bit of a chill, I still had warm weather on my mind, which made my next #mnbucketlist stop a rather fitting one. Sparrow Cafe is the epitome of spring, no matter the season – complete with a big mural of sparrows, filed with teals and soft greens (not pictured, I didn’t want to disrupt the people sitting against it). Located off Penn Ave, it’s just across the street from Broders’ Pasta Bar in South Minneapolis. They are known for way more than their mural though. Coffee, tea, house-made chai, espresso, pastries from Chez Arnaud, doughnuts from Angel Food Bakery, you name it. Sparrow is everything you need in a local, neighborhood coffee shop. Have you stopped in yet?

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