Molly’s Antiques and More

Antiques / Thursday, May 19th, 2016

I know. I. KNOW. I made that face, too. And yes, it’s far more magnificent in person. In case this pseudo residential roadside attraction hasn’t been introduced to you yet, allow me. Molly’s Antiques and More in McGregor was on my must-see list during the Minnesota Governor’s Fishing Opener this past weekend. A cross between a hoarders paradise and a collectible hodgepodge, it is also know as “Molly’s Mess”, and don’t worry – she doesn’t mind you calling it that. She’s even got a sign, proclaiming it to any passersby. Molly is the greatest, I even spritzed my perfume on her! Long story. Ahem, back to the organized chaos. Ok seriously, what don’t they sell? From the shelves of license plates, old cameras, rotary phones, signs, teacups, beer cans, one of the most impressive vinyl record collection that fills a whole wall and the largest, creepiest collection of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls I have ever had the pleasure of trying to forget. The whole place has pockets and little treasure coves with assemblages of nearly anything you can think of. While I’ll admit that it shook my I’ve-seen-this-scary-movie-before nerve, it also made for one of my favorite personal stories on the #mnbucketlist. If you have some time and aren’t afraid of a little adventure in curio unearthing, you really ought to stop in.

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