Yellow Umbrella

Retail / Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

Yellow Umbrella BemidjiSince I was already in Bemidji, it just made sense to drag Ben, the most outdoorsy/lumberjack/one man Alaskan odyssey I know, into all the trendiest, cutest, albeit girliest shops I could find. And Yellow Umbrella didn’t disappoint! Opened in ’09 by a sister in law duo, it’s an up north meets bohemian chic store that has both men’s and women’s apparel, and accessories. Remember 218 from yesterday? Same block. Think of it as Urban Outfitter with a northern charm twist, sprinkled with Golden Rule accessories and top it off with a little Evereve styling. From flannel to demin, sandals to sunnies, they are a fast favorite of mine. Plus, I’m a sucker for any place that has a chalk drawing of Babe the Blue Ox on the wall.

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  1. Yay Bemidji! Yellow Umbrella and 218 are some great places to shop local here in the North Country 🙂 Thanks for spreading the word!

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