LynLake Brewery

lynLake BreweryThe last stop on the 3rd Flight of the #MNBucketListBreweryTour was the LynLake Brewery. And, let’s be real, we saved the best for last. First of all, the brewery is in Minneapolis in the old Lyndale Theater, which spent a little time as a vintage furniture store called Theater Antiques prior to being the now uptown neighborhood gem. Second, the décor. Open, warm, artistic, rustic, industrial…they even have bike wheels hanging above the bar. So stunning. But everyone’s favorite was third – the rooftop patio. Complete with bonfires, beer flights, Krusty the Clown impressions and sunshine – it was a perfect way to wrap up the night. Although, I must confess, a few of us made a last-minute trip to Muddy Waters for dessert (which is of no surprise if you know me irl) because LynLake doesn’t do food, as they say, they are a brewery not a restaurant.

[Photos by By Rebecca Studios, if you want to see more of the whole day, check out the #MNBucketList Facebook Page].



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