Eastlake Craft Brewery and Tavern

11742858_1012115432162164_8620687731065484864_nThe second stop on the 3rd Flight of the #MNBucketListBreweryTour (I know, it’s a mouthful) was Eastlake Brewery and Tavern, which is located in the Midtown Global Market off Lake Street. It’s a great place to hang out purely for all the assorted food options. While everyone else stood patiently in line, I ran over to @TheSaltyTart to grab some of the @SurlyBrewing cupcakes they make (satirically, of course, and because they are chocolate). Once we had the flights, there were so many that we spent half the time making crazy shapes and taking pictures. East Lake is open 7 days a week, has $10 Growlers, on-point urban branding, filled with taxidermy on its pallet-covered walls and has a really fun online shop. Onto the next stop!

[Photos by By Rebecca Studios, if you want to see more of the whole day, check out the#MNBucketList Facebook Page]



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