A #MNBucketList Milestone

Food & Drink / Monday, July 6th, 2015

30thSinceI’m still coming to terms with it, here is a reflection of what I’ve learned over the last thirty years:
· Don’t wait for your life to start. Don’t wait for someone, for next week, next year, anything.
· Foster good, true, loving relationships, whether that’s friendships, loved ones or anything. Give hugs. And compliments. Too many is a good number to shoot for.
· Connect with yourself and don’t rely on other people to feel fulfilled.
· Ice cream is good for any occasion, unless you’re lactose intolerant.
· Participate in every aspect of your life and your selfhood. Be raw, and open, and have passionate madness.
· You have to look for beauty in everyday things or you will find yourself miserable.
· Don’t say yes to things you don’t want and don’t RSVP and not show up. Be accountable and true to your word. You have no idea how much it means to someone to just have you show up.
· Have courage, travel locally, often and let life in.
· Don’t react to every situation, know when to keep your mouth shut and when to speak up. Find your voice.
· More than anything; Love – really, really hard.

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