The Salty Tart

Food & Drink / Monday, February 2nd, 2015

The Salty Tart Moving to the one of the more sultry things on the #mnbucketlist, The Salty Tart, and no, that’s not just my clever nickname! It’s also a divine little confectionary shop at the Midtown Global Market in the Midtown Exchange Building. I picked this because it just so happens to be a favorite stop for Andrew Zimmern as he’s a huge fan of their coconut macaroons. The Midtown Global Market is very reminiscent of the Festival of Nations, if you’ve ever been. Filled with international foods, markets, shops, bold colors, little nooks and crannies and so much more, with the Salty Tart tucked very snuggly into it. The shop is about the size of a walk-in closet. BUT they make such seductive delicacies! (Yeah, I’m shameless, I know). So delectable, they are famous for their cakes and you can see them right from the window. I personally got to try one of the most nubile of temptresses’, the chocolate rum cupcake with red wine frosting. Borderline sinful.

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