Food & Drink, Retail / Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

DorsetBetween Whispering Pines Resort in Nevis and Park Rapids is Dorset. Dorset, if you watch the news you might remember, had Minnesota’s youngest Mayor at 4 years old. He’s been since been unseated by a 16 year old. Hey, don’t judge, the town’s population is only 22 people! The town is about a block in size and is hands down my preferred secret shopping spot in northern Minnesota. A few of my picks are The Antique Stop, which is floor to ceiling in vintage cookbooks and jewelry; Companeros, a Mexican restaurant that my Aunt Joann gushes over; The Dorset General Store and La Pasta Italian Eatery, the best place to get an asparagus and cream cheese omelet; lastly, the Dorset Trading Post, it’s the best place to find nice branded apparel (the kind you’d want to wear even AFTER a vacation is over) and the cheapest spot to find Minnetonka Moccasins. I am in love with my orange leather boat moccasins I got from there.

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