SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium

Parks & Geology / Monday, September 30th, 2013

Sea Life MOA(from site) Discover the new SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium – the Largest Underground Aquarium in the World -providing close encounters with a vast array of creatures.

Things to do at Sea Life Minnesota:

Enjoy a delicious beverage or snack at Coffee Cove
Interact with creatures at the touchpools – hold a crab or touch a starfish!
Enjoy our fun talks and feed shows throughout the day
Follow an interactive quiz trail
Read fun facts throughout the aquarium
Learn how you can make a difference and make the oceans a better place!
Play hide and seek with our Octopus to discover their amazing camouflage abilities!
Witness an intimate Stingray display with special up-close viewing from below and above the tank
See the bright white teeth of our 9 foot Sandtiger Sharks as they swim overhead!
With an amazing 300 foot ocean tunnel, 30 display tanks and more than 10,000 sea creatures, the aquarium is the perfect stop for family fun! To get any closer you would have to get wet!

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