Honey and Rye Bakehouse

Up next on the #mnbucketlist is Honey and Rye Bakehouse, a rustic midwestern bakery with a savory twist.  This neighborhood gem serves up Tiny Footprint coffee (although I’m partial to their rhubarb lemonade and the Honey latte), amazing monkey bread, and an assortment of other delectable morsels. To warn, this isn’t a place for the die-hard sugar fans. While they do indulge in pound cake and cinnamon rolls, they area famous for their hearty quick breads, scones, brownies with more spice than sugar and artisan breads. Speaking of breads, they are a great place to pick up baguettes. So much so that they are called ‘Honor System baguettes’ and sit next to the door with a box for money, making it easy to run in and out on your way home. In keeping community roots, Honey is located in the former S&D Cleaning site on Excelsior Boulevard in St Louis Park, across from Trader Joe’s. It is a much smaller place than you’d expect, the 10 dine-in seats creates a homey comfortable atmosphere.  Co-owned by Head baker Anne Andrus (former lead baker at Common Roots Cafe) and Marketer Emily Ackerman, two best friends who grew up in Little Falls, Minnesota, and have been friends since sixth grade.They have become quite known for their signature cakes like the ever-popular chocolate coconut cream pie. They offer special-order cakes, too!  Stop in to try the apple strudel, French toast bake and quiches. Since they make everything from scratch, you won’t feel as guilty bringing home some snickerdoodle cookies or chocolate croissants!

Droolin’ Moose

Droolin Moose If you are a huge chocolate fan, I can’t recommend the Droolin Moose enough. With a store that is nothing short of lovable, with its wide-open spaces and a tasting bar,… yes, that’s right, a chocolate tasting bar. It’s hard to go wrong. They have locations in Bloomington, Burnsville and St Louis Park. The chocolate is a little bit pricey but you get a lot more than you would anywhere else. They each come in cups, so rather than getting one piece, you’ll get 25. You can also buy online. For me, they a step below Godiva BUT Godiva doesn’t let me buy in bulk, so… the Droolin’ Moose it is.

Tucker’s Tree House

Tuckers Tree House The #mnbucketlist isnt just for food, its also for hidden tourist attractions, too! Like Tuckers Treehouse in St Louis Park off Minnetonka Blvd. It’s this crazy, elaborate piece of history that you can’t help but stare at. They no longer gives tours of the treehouse but you can still #drive by to take a look. (Then you can stop at Yum Bakery since its right around the corner!)