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Entertainment, Food & Drink, Parks & Geology / Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

During the winter, social media feeds are filled with two groups of people, those that have mastered skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, and other cold-weather endeavors with the smiles and hordes of gear to prove it, and those that stay inside.

There isn’t often a medium. I find myself to be someone who falls in the middle.

Someone who didn’t grow up on a ski hill or taking weekend trips up the mountains.

Someone who, if were interested in said sports, would be starting at the bottom, as an adult. If you are like me, this is for you.

Is trying/learning/attempting downhill skiing on your bucket list? If so, might I suggest Afton Alps’ Bunny Hill Basics.

For $44, you get a lesson, equipment rental, and an exclusive lift ticket for Chair 4 and Magic Carpet. For the uninitiated like me, a class where everything is included is imperative. It is the ultimate way to try skiing without committing to a sport you aren’t even sure is for you.

One thing that will help convert a novice is their website. You can find what you need to wear, how-to videos on both skiing and snowboarding and even how to decipher ski resort language. Feeling less inept always makes me feel better about trying something new.

It is meant for ages 7+ and is perfect for first-timers.

Your 12-year-old nephew who hates bugs, yep. Your 70-year-old grandma who is nervous about an injury, her too! Your 34-year-old blogger friend who writes about Minnesota and has an affinity for Paul Bunyan (or PB, as she likes to call him), absolutely. I know this because I did it.

You get to link up with Afton’s experienced and trained Instructors who are patient and helpful. They start at the very beginning and help build you and your level of comfort up.

It is on Thursday’s, starting at 4 pm but you can come anytime before close. You head in, pick up your pass and equipment and then go to the teaching stations. It is just that simple.

When you are done, you can warm up around the bonfire or make your way over to the base area facilities to grab a drink, find food, hang out in the cafeteria hall, or go shopping for new gear.

If you haven’t been before or aren’t familiar with Afton Alps, allow me.

Located on the St. Croix River next to Afton State Park, Afton Alps has been around for over 50 years, starting in December of 1963.

Quickly growing, the place added more chairlifts, new trails, and a robust staff of experts.

Today, there are a total of 50 trails with 18 chairlifts, two conveyor lifts, and two rope tows.

There are six chalets, including the Meadows Chalet, the Highlands Chalet, the Alpine Chalet, Landing Zone (also has a Yurt) and the Alps Chalet (Main Chalet).

Afton even lands itself on On The Snow’s list of Romantic Resort Getaways in the East & Midwest.

During the summer, Afton Alps operates an eighteen-hole golf course and wedding receptions/hall rental.

If you are already sold, sign up for the upcoming February 6th Bunny Hill Basics class.

Already a skier? Head over to Afton for one of their upcoming events like Chairlift Speed Dating on February 9th, Hill of the North Banked Slalom on February 22nd, The Paul Augustine Race February 29 – March 1 or the 10,000 Lakes Rail Jam on March 13.

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