Ice Climbing at Robinson Quarry Ice Park

Parks & Geology / Tuesday, January 8th, 2019

This next addition to the #mnbucketlist is NOT for the faint of heart.

Ice climbing is when you ascend ice formations like that of the frozen falls at Robinson Quarry Ice Park in Sandstone.

Because of the incredible rock formations, Sandstone is a great place for mixed climbing where the ascent involves both ice climbing and rock climbing.

You can see the quarried walls and exposed rock making a great place for stunning views in case being a risk taker is just not your thing.

I headed up north for the Sandstone Ice Festival (14th Annual!) and after spending a weekend winter camping and shoe shoeing, climbing frozen water seemed like a logical next step!

Err, climb.


It was amazing!

Okay, and terrifying.

But still amazing!

If you are ready to brave the cold, and find your own winter adventure, check out Robinson Park, it is open every day for climbing, you can even winter camp so bundle up, and bring a tent!
If you need climbing gear but don’t want to purchase, you can rent what you need at Hard Water Sports in Sandstone.

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